Our mission is to provide safer, more efficient and cost effective solutions for your project. We accomplish this by keeping our operating costs down and passing the savings to you. This fundamental approach is reinforced by our small company size and almost 20 years of experience with TQM, kaizen, six sigma and continuous improvement.  
While each job has unique factors that vary the cost, we have a strict “no hidden cost” policy. Our quotes are all inclusive and extremely fair. Complete job pricing for aerial photography typically averages in the $65 to $80 per hour range. This rate is well below the industry average of $150 per hour.


Q: Do you charge a licensing fee? 
A: We have seen other drone service companies charging copyright license or usage license fees. As a general rule, Velocity UAS does not do this. What we quote you to fly, edit, and provide a finished product is exactly what you pay for. You are permitted to use the photographs or video for any legal condition for as long as you like. We do retain the copyright to all material we produce and reserve the right to use it for our own marketing purposes, unless other arrangements are made. If privacy is a concern, let us know and we will issue a signed photo release. 

Our Privacy Policy is available here:
Q: Does your lower price structure mean lower quality?  
A: Absolutely not! We take great pride in our work and customer satisfaction is our passion. Our knowledge, creativity, and experience deliver the best professional aerial work available. We pay great attention to every stage of the process ensuring you are completely satisfied.
Q: What are your payment terms? 
A: We invoice recurrent construction progress and photogrammetry on a 2/10 NET30. All other services are NET10 unless prior arrangements are made. We invoice immediately after delivery of the photographs or reports.
Q: How long before you will fly and deliver the photographs? 
A: We average 7 to 10 days from order to completion. The drone industry is a weather related service that requires particular lighting for most jobs. Our UAV's (drones) also have wind and moisture limits. For instance, a 20 mph wind at ground level can be gusts over 45 mph at 200 feet. Our turn around for most projects is 24hrs from the time of flight. There are some rare exceptions to this timeframe so we recommend that you schedule ahead of time. We never charge extra for expedited turn around. 

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