"It's all about new beginnings, laying solid foundations, and building new relationships. Trust Velocity UAS to capture the moments that matter." - Jon Brunner
 Jon Brunner - Owner / Pilot
Photography has always been my passion. No matter what changed in my life, taking pictures has remained a constant pleasure. Because of my technical aptitude, I easily kept pace with the advancements in photography. Over the years I built a broad skillset of old and new techniques. This blend of skills and aptitude eventually steered me to do this work I love.  

I started Velocity UAS Services just before the FAA certificate rush in 2017. Now there are over 100,000 UAS pilots in the US. The market is technologically innovative and fast-growing in all areas with agriculture, real estate, photography, and construction leading the advance. Initially, I tried to brand Velocity UAS a comprehensive drone service and offered every service known. It did not take long to realize that a focused approach would be more effective. Concentrating on Commercial Photography and Volume Measurement better aligns with my passion for photography. 

I take great pride in my work and customer satisfaction is my mission. I want to provide more efficient and cost effective solutions for your project. When you pool together safety, professional equipment, knowledge, creativity, and experience, the end result is the best professional aerial work available. 

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