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Who is Velocity UAS?

We started out flying quad rotor drones just for fun. We have always embraced the latest technology and kept our skills fresh. The recent advancement in drone technology allows the average hobbyist to fly like a pro. Really, anyone today can purchase a drone with a camera and take incredible photographs. However, it is important that the pilot flying the drone has experience, creativity, and meets all federal and safety regulations as well. 

The FAA introduced its Small UAS Rule (Part 107) in 2016, and the qualifying exam includes many of the same questions that are required learning for professional aviation pilots. With the current FAA part 107 requirements, getting a remote pilots certificate to go along with your creativity is a must. All remote pilots at Velocity UAS Services have FAA airman certificates for sUAS operations within the United States.  

Now, all those hours of flying for fun has kept us ahead of our competition. When you pool together safety, professional equipment, knowledge, creativity, and experience, the end result is the best professional aerial work available. 
We specialize in commercial aerial photography and videography for inspections, construction progress, 3D mapping, volume measurement and real estate.
Call (903) 658-3213 for more information or use our photo shoot request form.   

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