Our Projects
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Gabriel Jordan Chevrolet Cadillac Commercial
This is a short web and social media commercial for Gabriel Jordan Chevrolet Cadillac in Henderson Texas. This 4K video was taken with our Yuneec drone and completely edited in house by Velocity UAS.
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Gabriel Jordan Chevrolet Cadillac Slideshow
This is a slide show made for Gabriel Jordan Chevrolet Cadillac in Henderson Texas. This 4K slideshow was completely edited in house by Velocity UAS and can be played on two large screens.
Love's lookout
The view from Love's Lookout never disappoints. This tour of Love's Lookout in Jacksonville Texas catches East Texas during the green season. If you are ever near here, it is a must see.
Lake Murvaul Texas
This was an early summer 4K video of Lake Murvaul with specific plans to be included in our demo video and to capture a 4K still of the lake.

Later, telemetry was added to the video.

Henderson ISD Football Field
This video was prior to becoming Part 107 certified. Just a weekend of having fun. The Henderson ISD had recently updraded the field and begun construction on the stadium. This is the raw and unedited footage that shows off the capabilities of the gimbal and flight system.
Lake Forest Park - Henderson, Texas
This video was used to showcase Lake Forest Park in Henderson, Texas, There is a raw, unedited version also posted on YouTube
Mock Real Estate
Starting out as a new company, we were fortunate to have a friend that allowed us to create a front door pass for mock real estate of his home. This was literally our first video edit with drone footage.